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Scaffolding, Plywood & Formwork (Gulf Scaffolding Brand)

I. Scaffolding

Cup-lock Scaffolding System:
  • With H20 beam

    • Cup-lock Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support a slab, work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other manmade structures.
    • Cup-lock is a fully galvanized or painted multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads.
    • All vertical standards and ledgers tubes are 48.3mm diameter with 3.00 or 3.20 mm thickness.
    • Cup-lock is the world’s most widely used system scaffold.
    • Cup-lock’s key feature is its unique circular node point which allows up to 4 horizontals to be connected to a vertical in a single fastening action-making it probably the fastest and safest system available.
    • The ease of handling, easy storage space requirements and high load bearing capacity are the main reasons for its immense popularity.
    • The comprehensive range of Cup-lock components allows it to be used with traditional scaffold boards or battens. It can be used to create a huge range of access and support structures, circular scaffolds, loading towers etc.
    • Cup-lock Scaffolding is a multi-purpose system suitable for access and support in all types of construction of building & Civil engineering project

  • With infill and decking beam

    Cup Lock Slab Formwork is widely used in civil engineering in Middle East and some of African Countries for its simple, fast erection and dismantling. Cup Lock Slab Formwork comprises of all steel tubular components of Cuplock scaffolding systems include Cuplock standard with top cup and bottom cup, Cuplock ledgers with forged ledger blade that connections as frame members of cup lock slab formwork system. Screw Jacks for adjustment and leveling drop head with jack adaptor, decking and infill beams under the plywood.

    All Cup Lock Vertical and Horizontal components frame system is 48.3mm Diameter tube making that easier to stabilize from horizontal forces with scaffold tube for tying and bracing. Decking Beam and infill beam may removed in few days after pouring the slabs by striking the drop head wedge but with supporting temporary structure frame system remaining undisturbed for the full curing period.

    H20 formwork slab system:
    • H20 Formwork System for Slab is the easiest and most flexible slab formwork system for all types of slabs consisting of tubular steel props. Tripod, Four -way Head, H20 Timber Beams and Plywood Sheets.
    • The System can be used for a clear height up to 5.90m.
    • Basically seen at construction sites, all these Scaffolding & Props are widely used for supporting buildings and large structures.
    • Fabricated from best quality steel, our stock of props is highly durable in terms of proficiency. With Light and Heavy Duty Props, one can reduce the cost incurred as these props are reusable to support formwork shuttering.
    • The H20 Formwork System also impresses by its favorable material costs and is therefore an economical solution wherever the wage level is low.
    • The most easy and flexible table Formwork System for all types of slabs, consisting of steel props, tripod, four-way head, H20 timber beam and shuttering panel.
    • It is mainly used for decking areas around lift shafts and stair cases, also for villa projects or manual handled slab formwork system with limited crane capacity.
    • This system is fully crane independent.

II. Plywood

Film faced plywood is lightweight, resistant to corrosion attack and water, easily combined with other materials and easy to clean and cut. Treating the film faced plywood’s edges with waterproof paint makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. Due to its durability and easily handled surface it can be used in open environment in construction and building e.g. warehouses, railway wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks etc. Coating the film faced plywood with high-quality import films ensures hardness and damage resistance. The surface of the film faced plywood is hygienic and resistant to strong detergents, which is important for farming constructions and storage of food products. It can be used in conditions of high temperature drop, influence of moisture, detergent cleaning and provides protection against termites.

III. Formwork

We design, supply and erect formworks. We have traditional and engineered formwork system. We have agreement with leading formwork companies to provide a full range of services so that our customers can complete their projects quickly, safely and profitably.

Traditional timber formwork: The formwork is built on site out of timber and plywood or moisture-resistant particleboard. It is easy to produce but time-consuming for larger structures, and the plywood facing has a relatively short lifespan. This system is used extensively where the labor costs are lower than the costs for procuring reusable formwork. It is also the most flexible type of formwork, so even where other systems are in use, complicated sections may use it.

Engineered Formwork System: This formwork is built out of prefabricated modules with a metal frame (usually steel or aluminum) and covered on the application (concrete) side with material having the wanted surface structure (steel, aluminum, timber, etc.). The two major advantages of formwork systems, compared to traditional timber formwork, are speed of construction (modular systems pin, clip, or screw together quickly) and lower life-cycle costs (barring major force, the frame is almost indestructible, while the covering if made of wood; may have to be replaced after a few – or a few dozen – uses, but if the covering is made with steel or aluminum the form can achieve up to two thousand uses depending on care and the applications).


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