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Safety Equipments

I. Firefighting systems and equipments (Bristol brand)

We supply Valves, fittings, sprinkler system, fire alarm, wet riser and hose reel system, fire hydrant system, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, foam inlet system, dampers, fire detection service, voice alarm, and fire phone communication system. All materials are manufactured as per US & British standard. Certificates can be provided on request.

Our Pumps and accessories which are engineered to meet, or exceed, all applicable codes, including: UL and ULC listings, FM and NYBSA approvals, NFPA, VdS, LPCB, CNBOP and CE certifications worldwide and all NFPA-20 standards.

  • 1. Fire Alarm
    • Combined Smoke and Heat Detector Multi Sensor Detectors
    • Electronic Sounder and Beacon
    • Fire Alarm Bell
    • Fixed-Type and Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector
    • Manual Call Point
    • Photoelectric Smoke Detector
    • Smoke & Heat Detector Series
  • 2. Fire Hose Reel
  • 3. Valve & Raiser
  • 4. Cabinets
  • 5. Sprinkler System
  • 6. Fire Suppression Systems
  • 7. Fire Hoses & Accessories
  • 8. Fire Pumps
    • End Suction Pumps
    • Horizontal Split Case Pump
    • Vertical Turbine
  • 9. Fire Hydrant
    • Dry Barrel Hydrant
    • Dry Barrel Hydrant UL / FM
    • Wet Hydrant

II. Ironmongery (TESA Brand)

TESA security locks provide unparalleled security levels in the market, as well as a new design of the patented anti card latch, independent locking points, hooks operating in two protection shafts in order to avoid leverage, leverage-resistance up to 1,000 kg, assembled steel boxes that protect the strike, anti drill escutcheons and revolving key protection devices.

  • 1. Cylinder:

    Tesa Assa Abloy cylinders are extremely secure High quality products ranging from the most basic to highest security patented, restricted key models. Our cylinders have been equipped with the most advanced protection system. All TESA systems can be master keyed. A master keying is planned locking system in which the master key can open more than one cylinder even if each cylinder has its own key.

  • 2. Door closures:

    The TESA door closer range offers solutions for controlled closing of any kind of door, be it made of wood, aluminum, steel or glass, and of course for fire proof doors.

    Here are types of door closures we supply Link arm door closers, Guide rail door closers, Concealed door closers, Floor springs

  • 3. Mortice lock:

    Mortice locks Features Anti card security device: this device prevents the latch from being pushed in from the outside by using a card an anti theft measure. Protective anti drill follower rod: This protects the door from attempting to vandalize it by drilling it from the outside. Fire resistance steel stainless

  • 4. Hinges:

    CE marked -certified to BS EN 1935 approved for fire rated doors template drilled screw holes extra deep thrust bearing for high load and long life for timber door/ metal frame application half wood/ half machine counter sunk screws

  • 5. Panic exit devices:

    Public buildings and most industrial, official and commercial buildings are generally confronted to two main problems: safety and security. TESA offers several solutions for emergency exit equipment, allowing for secure and efficient evacuations in panic or emergency situations.

  • 6. Smart air:

    TSmart air wireless Smart air wireless is a revolutionary access control plat form that combines stand alone wireless lock. TCP/IP connection hubs: intuitive management’s software, allowing the user to monitor events in real time, to remotely open/close the door automatically updates access privileges. Smart air easily adapts to all kinds of installations where electronic control or remote functionality required.

  • 7. Code handle:

    Code handle is easy and comfortable. Code handle is a set of handle with access control without any cards, or keys simple & effective. Code handle is the solution for most of the restricted areas: offices, warehouse, private areas, etc


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